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Jollibee Group Joins Sustainability Forum with Philippine Industry Leaders Jollibee Group Joins Sustainability Forum with Philippine Industry Leaders

Jollibee Group Joins Sustainability Forum with Philippine Industry Leaders

(L-R) Katrina Francisco, SGV & Co; Ginggay Hontiveros, Aboitiz Equity Ventures; Ma. Victoria Tan, Ayala Corporation; Yvonne Flores, Gokongwei Group; Pepot Miñana, Jollibee Group; and Tim Daniels, SM Investments Corporation.

MANILA, Philippines. 30 May 2023 – The Jollibee Group joined other industry leaders in the Philippines in sharing insights on making businesses more sustainable at the Nordic Sustainability Awards Night held last May 24, 2023 at the Makati Diamond Residences, Makati City. Organized by the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, the forum brought together some 200 representatives from various corporations and organizations, some of which were recognized for their sustainability efforts.
Jollibee Foods Corporation Chief Sustainability and Public Affairs Officer Pepot Miñana shared the journey and strategy of the Jollibee Group in integrating sustainability into its business and in ensuring that its initiatives make a lasting and meaningful impact. “The first and most critical step is aligning our sustainability purpose into our corporate mission,” he said.

Apart from sharing best practices in integrating sustainability into all aspects of business operations, the panelists also underscored the importance of multisectoral partnerships in driving significant outcomes and the need to avoid greenwashing in reporting activities and results.

Zenith Foods, a Jollibee Group subsidiary that provides manufacturing and logistics services to various JFC brands, was one of the top 5 nominees for the Sustainability Business Partner of 2022 award. In 2022, the manufacturing sites in the Philippines achieved 38% reduction in food loss and waste versus a 2020 baseline, with over 50% of its organic waste now going to bioremediation process. The company’s efforts helped reduce food loss and waste by 5,566 metric tons, driven by initiatives such as container upsizing, shift to reusable palette wrapping, and recovery and recycling measures through third-party collectors, among many others. In terms of energy efficiency, the company delivered 21.5% reduction in energy use ratio versus a 2020 baseline, where a total of 5,589 metric tons of greenhouse gases has been avoided for release. This gain was due to measures such as equipment optimization, preventive maintenance, and installation of new equipment to reduce electricity and fuel consumption.

(The Jollibee Group Team, L-R) Bryan Tividad, Global Procurement. Michael Ong, Head of Manufacturing. Elise Veloso, Global Sustainability. Gisela Tiongson, President of Jollibee Group Foundation. Pepot Miñana, Chief Sustainability & Public Affairs Officer. Ernani Barrientos, Corporate Communications. Teodoro Elma, Manufacturing. Steve Piczon, Corporate Affairs. Erwin Perez, Restaurant Systems. Elton Eleazar, Network Development Group.