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Q. When was Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) 's initial public offering (IPO), and what was the IPO price?
A. Jollibee Foods Corporation went public on July 14, 1993, with an IPO price of Php9.00 per share.
Q. What stock exchange is Jollibee Foods Corporation listed, and what is its stock symbol?
A. Jollibee Foods Corporation common shares are listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) under the ticker symbol
Q. Can I purchase stock directly from Jollibee Foods Corporation?
A. No, but Jollibee Foods Corporation stock can be purchased through any stock brokerage house accredited by the PSE.
Q. What is a stockbroker?
A. A person or a corporation authorized and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and PSE to trade securities. There are over 100 licensed stockbrokers accredited by the PSE. There are 2 types of stockbrokers classified into:

A.) Traditional - those who assign a licensed broker and take orders through written instructions
B.) Online—those whose main interface with the customer is via the Internet. This enables clients to post online orders to the PSE.
Q. How do I invest in Jollibee Foods Corporation
A. To purchase JFC shares, you must have a stockbroker licensed by the PSE. The PSE has a complete list of information about all its trading participants authorized and qualified to trade securities for you. You can get a full list of accredited stockbrokers by visiting the PSE website, www.pse.com.ph/directory/#tp2, or contacting the PSE at (+632) 8876-4888

You shall be required to open an account with your chosen stockbroker. Your stockbroker will then assign a trader or agent to assist you in either buying or selling any listed security. Once your account is opened and funded you can discuss with your trader or agent what stocks you want to buy or sell. For online trading, you can post your buy or sell order by yourself.

Please note that JFC is not affiliated with any person who posts ads on Facebook or any platforms investing in JFC shares, and that in no way are those persons endorsed by JFC.
Q. What is the minimum number of shares allowed per trade?
A. For JFC, the minimum number of shares is 10.
Q. What is the minimum amount I can invest?
A. It depends on the company's share price. The PSE has set board lots to follow. The board lot determines the minimum number of shares one can purchase or sell at a specific price range. Therefore, the minimum amount needed to invest in stocks varies and will depend on the security's market price as well as its corresponding board lot. Note that brokers charge fees depending on the value of transactions.
Q. Does Jollibee Foods Corporation pay dividends?
A. Jollibee Foods Corporation has been consistently paying dividends twice a year since 1994.
Q. What is Jollibee Foods Corporation's dividend policy?
A. JFC has a cash dividend policy, declaring one-third of the Jollibee Group's net income for the year. It uses its best estimate of its net income as the basis for declaring dividends.
Q. What is the market price of my shares of stock?
A. For the latest closing price of JFC, please refer to Jollibee Group's website https://jollibeegroup.com/stocks-bonds/.
Q. Where can I find more information on JFC's overall operations and financial results?
A. JFC's annual report, quarterly financial reports can be obtained from the quarterly SEC reports section of the Investors page.
Q. Who can I ask regarding my shareholdings in Jollibee Foods Corporation?
A. JFC stockholders may inquire through RCBC Stock Transfer Agency regarding matters pertaining to their JFC shareholdings.

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